Bar,Curling,yunweisiyi,,Olympic,Sta,$53,Barbell,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Weightlifting,Barbell,/morbifically1802090.html Bar,Curling,yunweisiyi,,Olympic,Sta,$53,Barbell,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Weightlifting,Barbell,/morbifically1802090.html $53 Barbell Curling yunweisiyi Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Bar Sta Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Barbell Curling yunweisiyi Olympic Super beauty product restock quality top! Sta Weightlifting Bar $53 Barbell Curling yunweisiyi Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Bar Sta Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Barbell Curling yunweisiyi Olympic Super beauty product restock quality top! Sta Weightlifting Bar

Barbell Curling yunweisiyi Olympic Super beauty product restock Fashion quality top Sta Weightlifting Bar

Barbell Curling yunweisiyi Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Bar Sta


Barbell Curling yunweisiyi Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Bar Sta

Product description


Heavy duty steel construction with chrome finish.

Fits Olympic weight plates and boasts a 176 LB capacity.

Diamond knurled surface for a secure grip for every lift.

Designed to be balanced and long-lasting.

5 Foot length and lightweight 21 LB design is ideal for lat rows, skull crushers, standing curls and a wide range of cross training or Olympic lifts.Specifications:

Overall Bar length: 60” | 5 Ft

Length Between Sleeves: 36.5”

Sleeve Diameter: 2”

Sleeve Length: 10 3/4"

Grip Diameter: 1.1” | 28 mm

Knurling Spread: 20 7/8"

Knurling Length: 7 5/8"

Color: Black

Material: Steel

Weight capacity: 176 LB

Weight: 21 LBPacking List:

1 x Weightlifting Bar

1 x Two 3-layer circlips

Barbell Curling yunweisiyi Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Bar Sta

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