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OMRON Gold Blood Pressure Monitor Cash special price Monit Portable Sale Wireless Wrist

OMRON Gold Blood Pressure Monitor, Portable Wireless Wrist Monit


OMRON Gold Blood Pressure Monitor, Portable Wireless Wrist Monit

Product description

The Omron Gold Wireless wrist blood pressure monitor stores up to 200 readings for 2 users (100 readings for each user) in the monitor, or unlimited readings when used with the Omron Connect app, allowing you to keep a comprehensive recording of your readings over time and monitor any fluctuations in your readings. The app also lets you view your trend graphs and charts, and share as needed with your family, caregivers, or doctors. The Omron Connect app works with select iOS and Android devices, as well as Amazon Alexa using the Omron Health Skill.

From the manufacturer

Accurate. Reliable. Easy to Use.
Premium features for optimal heart health management.
Raising expectations in heart health.
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Bronze Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Silver Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Gold Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Platinum Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Evolv Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Gold Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Hypertension Indicator
Bluetooth/Alexa Compatible
Two User Mode Unlimited users in app Unlimited users in app Unlimited users in Connect app Unlimited users in app
Advanced Averaging
Irregular Heartbeat Detector
Memory by User 14 80 60 100 Unlimited users in Connect app 100
Morning Hypertension Indicator Average per Week
Side-by-Side Comparison Display with Backlight
Accessories Included Wide-Range D-Ring Cuff 9”-17” Easy-Wrap ComFit 9"-17" Cuff and Storage Case Wide-Range D-Ring Cuff 9”-17” and Storage Case Wide-Range D-Ring Cuff 9”-17” and Storage Case Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff 9"-17" 5.3"-8.5" Cuff and Storage Case

OMRON Gold Blood Pressure Monitor, Portable Wireless Wrist Monit


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