Liquid Soldering Protein Made Exclusively for Tube 11 Protei Feeding Grams $34 Liquid Protein Made Exclusively for Tube Feeding 11 Grams Protei Health Household Health Care Liquid Soldering Protein Made Exclusively for Tube 11 Protei Feeding Grams Protei,Made,Feeding,Liquid,11,Health Household , Health Care,for,Grams,Exclusively,Protein,/blotty1801731.html,Tube,,$34 Protei,Made,Feeding,Liquid,11,Health Household , Health Care,for,Grams,Exclusively,Protein,/blotty1801731.html,Tube,,$34 $34 Liquid Protein Made Exclusively for Tube Feeding 11 Grams Protei Health Household Health Care

Liquid Soldering Protein Made High order Exclusively for Tube 11 Protei Feeding Grams

Liquid Protein Made Exclusively for Tube Feeding 11 Grams Protei


Liquid Protein Made Exclusively for Tube Feeding 11 Grams Protei

Product description

Size:1.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 25)

ProSource TF Liquid Protein is thin as water and can be given directly down feeding tube without mixing for easy administration without risking clogged tubes like powered protein.

Low osmolality and is virtually isotonic for good GI tolerance. Won’t contribute to tube feed diarrhea like glycerin containing liquid proteins.

Has a complete Amino Acid profile that matches the World Health Organization’s (WHO) optimum amino acid profile for a high-quality protein.

Most enteral tube fed formula’s provide adequate calories but fall short of meeting new protein recommendations of 1.2 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of ideal body weight.

Contains no artificial colors, dye, flavors or sweeteners.

Liquid Protein Made Exclusively for Tube Feeding 11 Grams Protei

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