Dust Mop Kit 60" : Closed-Loop High order Industrial 1 White $35 Dust Mop Kit 60" : (1) 60" White Industrial Closed-Loop Dust Mop Industrial Scientific Janitorial Sanitation Supplies (1),White,Industrial,cynthiaelenphoto.be,Dust,60",60",Mop,Industrial Scientific , Janitorial Sanitation Supplies,Mop,:,$35,/garten1802133.html,Dust,Closed-Loop,Kit $35 Dust Mop Kit 60" : (1) 60" White Industrial Closed-Loop Dust Mop Industrial Scientific Janitorial Sanitation Supplies (1),White,Industrial,cynthiaelenphoto.be,Dust,60",60",Mop,Industrial Scientific , Janitorial Sanitation Supplies,Mop,:,$35,/garten1802133.html,Dust,Closed-Loop,Kit Dust Mop Kit 60" : Closed-Loop High order Industrial 1 White

Indefinitely Dust Mop Kit 60

Dust Mop Kit 60" : (1) 60" White Industrial Closed-Loop Dust Mop


Dust Mop Kit 60" : (1) 60" White Industrial Closed-Loop Dust Mop

Product description

Color:With Wood Handle

Superior Performance:
Our Closed Loop dust mops will provide superior performance in pick-up and removal of dirt, dust, and debris. The Closed Yarn loops are twisted and looped at the very tip of the yarn to keep fibers from falling out of the yarn during use and in the laundry process and will significantly extend the product life.

Closed Loop Dust Mops compared to Cut-end Cotton Dust Mops:
The Closed Loop Yarn technology eliminates excessive linting and fire hazards associated with the use and processing of cut-end cotton yarn type dust mops. Cut yarn ends allow shedding of fibers and excessive linting of the product which shortens product life and creates problems for the user.

Mop Sizing:
Our frames measure the standard Industry sizes quoted so a 24” mop kit contains a 24” long wire frame and the dust mops are oversized to fit the frame properly. When the dust mop is stretched out full length yarn end to yarn end, the mop will measure approximately 8” to 9” longer then the frame size so for example a 24” mop will dust an area approximately 32” wide. For this reason smaller sizes (18”, 24”, and 36”) of dust mops are preferred by residential customers and larger sizes (48”, 60” and 72”) are preferred by commercial customers.

Dust Mop Handle amp; Frame:
The handle is produced with wood and contains an Industrial grade steel clip, including a plastic slide to allow the user to lock or unlock the 360 degree swivel action. The wire mop frame is produced from a heavy steel wire and all metal on the handle and frame include corrosion resistant finishes.

Dust Mop Kit 60" : (1) 60" White Industrial Closed-Loop Dust Mop

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