$56 3 x Hylo-Gel Eye Drops 10ml - Total 30 ML Health Household Health Care Health Household , Health Care,/encephalometric1801849.html,Total,x,$56,Eye,cynthiaelenphoto.be,Hylo-Gel,30,ML,-,10ml,Drops,3 3 x Award-winning store Hylo-Gel Eye Drops ML - Total 10ml 30 Health Household , Health Care,/encephalometric1801849.html,Total,x,$56,Eye,cynthiaelenphoto.be,Hylo-Gel,30,ML,-,10ml,Drops,3 3 x Award-winning store Hylo-Gel Eye Drops ML - Total 10ml 30 $56 3 x Hylo-Gel Eye Drops 10ml - Total 30 ML Health Household Health Care

3 x Award-winning store Hylo-Gel Eye Drops ML - Total 10ml 30 Animer and price revision

3 x Hylo-Gel Eye Drops 10ml - Total 30 ML


3 x Hylo-Gel Eye Drops 10ml - Total 30 ML

Product description

HYLO – GEL is a sterile solution for intensive and healing lubrication of the eye surface during serious or chronic dry eye conditions or postoperative treatment of the eye. HYLO – GEL eye drops contain hyaluronic acid for high viscosity to provide the eye with an intensive and long-lasting moisturising film. The drops relieve persistent and severe symptoms and protect the eye from irritation. Despite their almost gel-like consistency, the eye drops do not limit vision in any way. HYLO – GEL eye drops are preservative-free which makes them tolerable even after long-term use. No phosphate content also prevents the eye from possible complications due to deposits accumulation on the cornea. HYLO – GEL eye drops can be used with contact lenses. It is recommended to wait approx. 30 minutes after contact lens application before using the eye drops. Use within 6 months of opening. Our eyes are exposed daily to external agents that can damage and irritate them. Dust, chlorine, smoke or hours in front of the computer can cause discomfort in the eyes, with redness, dryness and itching. Hylo-Gel is an eye drop specifically designed to care for and relieve the symptoms of dry eyes with severe and persistent symptoms, providing a sense of comfort and lasting well-being in your eyes. It is also indicated for post-operative ophthalmic treatments; It is a sterile solution without preservatives or phosphates which combines an excellent formula based on 2mg/ml of sodium hyaluronate. *This bottle contains approximately 300 drops. Its exclusive and patented dispensing system (COMOD System) guarantees the stability of the active ingredient and keeps it germ-free for six months after opening the container. Relieves eye irritation! *No preservatives *Compatible with contact lenses INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE How to use Hylo-Gel eye drops  Apply 1 or 2 drops every 6-8 hours to each eye as needed. It can be used if you wear your contact lenses. COMPOSITION 2 mg/ml sodium hyaluronate.

3 x Hylo-Gel Eye Drops 10ml - Total 30 ML

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