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yuxiangBBQ Pull-Out Outdoor Kitchen Year-end annual account Special sale item Steel Stainless Propa Drawer

yuxiangBBQ Pull-Out Outdoor Kitchen Drawer Stainless Steel Propa


yuxiangBBQ Pull-Out Outdoor Kitchen Drawer Stainless Steel Propa

Product description

17"W x 23"H x 16"D Pull-Out Stainless Steel Trash/Propane Tank Drawer


The Propane Tank Drawer has a convenient slide-out design, for easy access to a 20 pound propane tank.It can also be used as a trash drawer(storage for a 7 Gallon Wastebasket) It is constructed of High Grade stainless steel, and includes vents.

It Is Perfect for outdoor kitchen and BBQ Grill island or Fire Pit Table,and work with most any island structure including Veneer Stone, Stucco and all Masonry Stone type

Why Choose Us?

1.Carefully designed: Modern minimalist style and Light Luxury

2.New Upgrade:Better, Prettier and More Handy

3.Craftsmanship Manufacture:Elaborate manufacturing, Attentive service, Reliable use to make customers satisfied.

We heartily provide customers the best products in the cheapest price.

Package Content:

1 x Propane Tank Drawer

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Handle

1 x English manual

yuxiangBBQ Pull-Out Outdoor Kitchen Drawer Stainless Steel Propa


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