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Simone Perele Women's Inspiration 3-Way Multi-Position Memory Fo


Simone Perele Women's Inspiration 3-Way Multi-Position Memory Fo

Product description

Simone perele's first-ever memory foam bra, the inspiration multiposition memory foam bra delivers a custom-feeling fit and unsurpassed comfort. Its design is truly unique: the insides of cups are lined with innovative memory foam that naturally molds to the body's curves, providing a flawless fit and creating a natural, rounded shape. The remainder of the bra is made of ultra-soft lotion touch microfiber that is seamless and smooth under clothing and soft against the skin. With a deep plunge shape and sleek design, this bra is both sensual and extremely supportive up to a g cup. Removable straps can be worn in three ways classic, racer back and halter.

From the manufacturer

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Andora 3D Demi (ref.131343) Inspiration Memory Foam (ref.12W361) Inspiration unlined (ref.12W317) Muse Triangle Push (ref. 12C347) Promesse Push-Up (ref.12H340)
Straps Single Single Single Single Single
Cups Breathable amp; Light 3D Spacer Lotion Touch Microfiber, Memory Foam Lotion touch Microfiber fabric Light Memory Foam Light Foam
Push Up padding Lightly lined Built-in padding in B-C cups Unlined Built-in padding in A-C cups Built-in padding in A-B cups
Seamless look under clothes -
Convertible Straps -
Silhouette Demi Plunge Plunge Plunge Plunge
U Shaped Ballet Back - - -

Simone Perele Women's Inspiration 3-Way Multi-Position Memory Fo

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