$52 24 Inch Yarn Swift, Amish Style Tabletop Yarn Winder (Maple) Handmade Products Home Kitchen Outlet ☆ Free Shipping 24 Inch Yarn Swift Amish Style Maple Winder Tabletop cynthiaelenphoto.be,(Maple),Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,Yarn,Swift,,Yarn,24,Style,Tabletop,/Hystricomorpha169996.html,Winder,$52,Inch,Amish $52 24 Inch Yarn Swift, Amish Style Tabletop Yarn Winder (Maple) Handmade Products Home Kitchen Outlet ☆ Free Shipping 24 Inch Yarn Swift Amish Style Maple Winder Tabletop cynthiaelenphoto.be,(Maple),Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,Yarn,Swift,,Yarn,24,Style,Tabletop,/Hystricomorpha169996.html,Winder,$52,Inch,Amish

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24 Inch Yarn Swift, Amish Style Tabletop Yarn Winder (Maple)


24 Inch Yarn Swift, Amish Style Tabletop Yarn Winder (Maple)

This is our beautifully handcrafted 24" Amish Style Yarn Swift / Skein Winder. This wooden yarn swift was lovingly handcrafted in our workshop from solid Maple hardwood. Carefully hand sanded and finished with a combination of oil and wax for a natural smooth satin finish. Featured in Handwoven Magazine Sept/Oct 2017! Not interested in those cumbersome umbrella swifts? Try this simple to use and versatile Amish style tabletop model (no clamping needed!). Our 24" handcrafted swift can be set up or broken down in a mater of seconds with just a few turns of the handle. Designed to be portable this yarn swift is fully collapsible to only 24" x 3 1/4" x 7" (including pegs) for easy transport and storage. Adjustable to accommodate skeins with circumferences from 25" all the way up to 68". Built to last for years of smooth, quiet operation and light weight for easy transport (weighing in at only 2lb 5oz). Feet include non-skid/ non-scuff pads for tabletop use. No more loose worn out pegs... the 4 supplied pegs are tapered, designed to fit snugly for the life of your swift.

24 Inch Yarn Swift, Amish Style Tabletop Yarn Winder (Maple)

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